Hobbit KOM Super Hero Trainer

Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth users: Use this bot to train your hero from level 1 to 199 in less than 2 weeks without paying any money on mithril. Full version of the bot lets you attack indefinitely.

1. Download

2. Download

3. Download



1) Download Blue Stacks, Aptoide apk (which will help you download and install Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth game on your BlueStacks) and the corresponded Hero Trainer program to your PC or Mac.


2) Install Bluestacks and open it as administrator. Click on fullscreen button in bottom right corner. The bot works only when fullscreen is on.


3) Minimize Bluestacks. (For PC click Windows + D  or  ALT + TAB). For Windows users double click on aptoide.apk file that you have downloaded and it should automatically install inside of Blue Stacks. For Mac OSX users open aptoide apk using provided BluestacksApkInstaller application.


4) Search for "Hobbit" in Aptoide and install it. No need to sign into your google account.


5) Start the game, skip introductions and sign in using your kabam account. Make sure your game is not open on any other device.


6) Go to "Muster field" in Hobbit KOM and select "Troop movement" tab.


7) Minimize Bluestacks (For Windows click Windows + D  or  ALT + TAB).


8) Unpack downloaded hobbit zip file, double click on HobbitTrainer program and the trainer will start in demo mode. (Full version can be purchased anytime to get unlimited attacks)


9) Enter coordinates of your target, enter the distance to your target in seconds (default is 30 seconds). Make sure that Blue Stacks is in full screen mode.


10) Click "Start Leveling your Hero" button. Alt + X to stop. Enjoy :)




• This bot only works if you follow all the instructions and able to run the game on Blue Stacks program on Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 or MAC OSX.


• Your account information is safe, the bot simply clicks buttons for you. The program does not contain any viruses, trojan horses or any back door functionality. We only want to improve gameplay and avoid paying mithril in the game.


• You cannot play the game on your PC or mobile device while the trainer is working.


• To exit the bot, click ALT + X. You have to wait 10 seconds until the program completely closes after you click OK on pop-up window.


• The demo version lets you attacks only 10 times. Purchase full version by clicking "Purchase full version" in the program and follow instructions on PayPal. Only the registered computer can use full version. There is no expiration date for full version.


• IMPORTANT: The bot will ONLY work if you set BlueStacks to fullscreen mode and the game to Portrait mode.


• To play the game with your Kabam ID, open "Settings" inside Hobbit: KOM from upper left corner. Enter your ID and log in.


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